Are you looking for vital experience? At Crédit Agricole Group, you will get the chance to discover the corporate world and what we do in each business line. Mission quality, continuous dialogue and responsibility are key factors in introducing your future career.

We offer internships for a maximum 6 months. The missions we can offer will develop your know-how right at the heart of a team of professionals.


Your mentor will welcome you to the company. He or she will also be the contact person for your educational organisation and will ease your integration into the team and entity you are joining.

By signing up to the Student@work virtual community, you can benefit from an information and discussion network within various Crédit Agricole Group entities. The community will help you fit in with events held throughout the year for all our work-study hires and interns.

Use Student@work to prepare for your future and enjoy a unique experience within the Group!


Directions and opportunities

Join our young talent pool, where our best work-study students, interns and international volunteers are given priority access to new jobs.



Give yourself the best possible start by taking our advice. It will make the process easier and maximise your chances of getting an internship at Crédit Agricole Group.

  • Make it an organised search Make it an organised search
  • Make it an organised search

    What about a systematic way of tracking your contacts? On a spreadsheet, for example: write detailed comments about your interviews opposite the corresponding contact. That will ensure you send the right messages and reminders to each recruiter.

  • Come and meet us Come and meet us
  • Come and meet us at student fairs

    Crédit Agricole Group comes to many student fairs and forums all over France. Come and meet our recruiters end employees and talk about our opportunities.

  • Showing your interest at interview Showing your interest at interview
  • Showing your interest at interview

    According to Joëlle, a recruitment manager at the Group, “We are always looking for an understanding of our Group, its strategy and its values. This shows that you are motivated and proactive.”