In a changing economic and financial world, the various fields of Risk Management have never been so important. Long understood purely in terms of control and consolidation, the risk sector is at the heart of our future business strategy today, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Understanding, evaluating and anticipating change and the diversification of risk are central obligations for economic players, and in particular for Risk Management experts, in order to maintain the group’s profitability. The changes in legislative and regulatory frameworks bear ample witness to the growing role of such management. Added to this are developments in banking sectors and products, which now represent a complex and sophisticated range, designed to meet the daily needs of our clients.

In this context, your main roles will involve the management and control of all risk, so as to minimize the cost of the risk in various sections of Crédit Agricole Group. To this end you will identify, analyze, measure, model and control the entire range of risk types: credit, financial, operational, etc.


To support the growing demand for its activities, Crédit Agricole Group seeks risk management experts in the following fields:

Head of Operational Risks

You are in charge of Operational Risk policy and strategy, you manage reporting dashboards and implement Group devices. Establish the extent the cost of risk, oversee the development of mapping and monitoring risk are your prerogatives. The Head of Operational Risks supervises operational risks and leads a team of Operational Risk Analysts.

Head of Credit Risk

You issue an opinion on the strategy of "credit risks" and on individual cases proposed by the Front. In this context, you lead a team of credit risk analysts and participate in portfolio reviews. 

Financial risk analyst

In charge of monitoring compliance with limits and monitor risk indicators, define the methodology about the financial risks in the entity.

In addition, the financial risk analyst elaborates the application of stress scenarios and verifies the adequacy of new products to the political risks of the entity as the Group.

Superviseur Contrôles Permanents et Risques H/F

Votre mission est de mettre en place le cadre d’exercice des contrôles permanents (normes, méthodologies, cartographie des risques, reporting) et d’assurer la déclinaison au sein des entités du Groupe. Le superviseur contrôles permanents et risques gère un réseau de correspondants des contrôles permanents, et s’appuie sur leurs informations pour fournir des tableaux de bord et reportings. Vous contribuez aux relations transverses au sein du Groupe et aux relations externes notamment vis-à-vis du régulateur.


You have a Masters from a business or engineering school, or a postgraduate university qualification in banking, finance, auditing or accounting. You have significant experience in the risk, banking/financing or front office sectors, and proven expertise in finance. Your attention to detail and methodology enable you to improve your analysis and synthesis skills.

Your career in Crédit Agricole Group will begin with training in the various regulations in force, which will help you carry out your professional role. You will then have several options: you can develop your career in risk or finance, or move into internal control or auditing in group entities.