Join the group’s finance sector and develop your expertise in a fast-changing field within a leading European banking group.


You have a Masters from a business or engineering school or a postgraduate qualification in banking and finance. You have significant experience in the banking sector. Your ability to work as a team, thoroughness and expertise will help you succeed in your missions. Client-orientation is another indispensable quality you will draw to develop the Group’s business.

Your career in Crédit Agricole Group will begin with training specific to the entity you are joining. You will then have a variety of career development prospects within the finance sector (risk etc) or in new specialist areas.


To support its work in this constantly changing sector, Crédit Agricole seeks specialists in Finance, in the following fields:

Consolidation manager

You lead a team which mission are: to establish the consolidated financial statements of the Group; to produce, manage and analyze the conditions for reporting and management control, financial communication, regulatory publication, governance and control bodies.

Furthermore, the consolidation manager interacts with the different business lines involved to oversees the tools and consolidating information systems. 

Accounting control manager

The accounting control manager lead and facilitate permanent and periodic accounting controls.

Financial manager

The financial manager leads the team in charge of consolidating the financial risks on its scope of intervention; managing financial risks (interest rate, liquidity and exchange rates); drive regulatory ratios (Prudential, cash); ensuring refinancing operations and conduct office middle and back operations related to financial management.

Management control

The management control manager leads a team of management controllers and study managers whose missions are to: develop synthetic elements necessary for general and management planning; and develop methods and cost accounting tools.

You work closely with various business lines such as accounting, consolidation, financial management, financial reporting and risk.