As a powerful international banking group, we develop synergies between our individual entities, and extract maximum benefit from our complementary skills. Mutual supportiveness and team spirit are central to our management model. Contributing to cross-functional projects is part of everyone's everyday experience and an important part of our collective success.



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‘Hackathons’ for Group play

At the end of 2015, Crédit Agricole SA brought together selected employees from each of the countries in its international retail (BPI) networks – Italy, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Egypt, Morocco – at Village by CA. Together with Group employees from France, they spent two days combining their skills and cultures to create innovative digital products (mobile and tablet apps, games etc.) for youngsters who could become future customers in BPI countries. More than 20,000 employees were involved and 30 projects selected for participation in this development marathon.

‘Hackathons’ for Group play
Compensation: collective effort counts too

Compensation: collective effort counts too

In all Group entities, the compensation system highlights the company’s desire to recognise each employee’s competence and performance and to share the profits it makes with the workforce.

At Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, compensation is based on three components that reward success in meeting clear and distinct objectives:

  • basic salary, which rewards responsibility and competence in post
  • personal variable compensation that rewards performance, i.e. meeting individual or collective objectives
  • collective variable compensation that rewards performance from the company as a whole.

A sporting chance: the Crédit Agricole games

Every three years, Crédit Agricole Group organises the biggest corporate games in France. ‘Journées Omnisport du Crédit Agricole’ bring together over 3,000 employees to compete in 27 sports, including cycling, football, handball, pétanque, rugby, squash, table tennis and volleyball. These full-on events heighten teamwork between Group employees, business lines and entities, with the shared experience and contact boosting synergies and team spirit.

A sporting chance: the Crédit Agricole games