Joining Crédit Agricole Group means seizing an opportunity to work in a dynamic and international environment within one of Europe’s leading bancassurance groups. It also means embarking on a personalised professional career in a motivated setting supported by experts, whatever your role in the Group entity you join.


At Crédit Agricole Group, employees take part in stimulating projects and drive their own careers, whether they are in France, Italy, the UK or Hong Kong. Take a look at their profiles.


Joining Crédit Agricole Group means giving free rein to your ambitions in a responsible and mutually supportive environment. Everything starts here.  

Your personality, our strength

At Crédit Agricole Group, we appreciate that men and women are at the heart of our performance. That is why we consider your professional development over the long term, in a spirit of respect and with an open mind. You will benefit from HR policies that favour dialogue and participation in company life.

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Your talent, our future

At the Crédit Agricole Group, your career will be built on a mix of experience. Rather than a straight line, it will follow a path determined by the people you meet and different projects and successes. To enable all employees to build their progress, we rely on an ambitious and efficient talent management policy.

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Your skills, our collective gain

At Crédit Agricole Group, we are convinced that collective intelligence is a major factor in performance. This is why teamwork, transversal projects and solidarity are at the heart of our management and guide relations between different Group entities. You will benefit from cooperation in a stimulating environment where collective success counts.

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Your entrepreneurial spirit, our success

At Crédit Agricole Group, you have the opportunity to try at all levels. You will develop your spirit of initiative and innovation and agility in decision-making, and will benefit from all the advantages of a major group. We encourage initiative on a daily basis and value the assumption of responsibility in anticipating customers’ needs.

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Your responsibility, our commitment

At Crédit Agricole Group, we know that values are meaningless unless they are shared and put into practice. You will be joining a Group seeking to develop its clientele, local regions and the economy as a whole. And because the Group’s contribution to society is also that of its employees, we will support and value your social commitment.

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Your work/life balance, our performance

At Crédit Agricole Group, we offer you a fulfilling and stimulating working environment that favours dialogue and effectiveness. We work day in, day out to ensure that all employees strike the right balance between their professional and private lives.

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