The Credit Agricole Group is a pioneer in banking innovation with a local business model serving 52 million customers in 52 countries. Stemming from its mutualist roots, the Group’s solidarity ethic dates back to 1885. It is present in all areas of banking and insurance and is one of Europe’s leading financial institutions, with 140,000 employees. 

A global, committed and innovative Group

The Crédit Agricole Group is a leader in bancassurance and related activities. Expertise, cooperation, innovation and commitment are our watchwords.

  • 52 countries
    52 countriesfleche

    52 countries

    A leading banking group supporting its 52 million customers in their projects in France and worldwide. 

  • 35 brands
    35 brandsfleche

    35 brands

    A group with strong brands built around its ‘local universal’ bank model.

  • A spirit of innovation
    A spirit of innovationfleche

    A spirit of innovation

    A committed group with 140,000 employees continually creating and implementing new solutions for its customers’ needs. 


52 countries

Thanks to its local universal banking model, which associates its retail banks (Crédit Agricole, LCL, Cariparma, etc.) with related businesses (insurance, asset management, corporate and investment banking, etc.), the Crédit Agricole Group supports its customers worldwide. For our employees, this offers opportunities in 34 languages. 

52 countries
35 brands

35 brands

Crédit Agricole, LCL, Gruppo Cariparma, Amundi, BforBank and CACEIS are Group brands. Their success in France, Europe and worldwide highlight the diversity of the Group’s expertise (over 120 business lines). For our employees, this equals diverse career paths in companies that really count. 

A spirit of innovation

Innovation is at the heart of the Crédit Agricole Group model. It is the cultural heart of each of its businesses, and new initiatives are used to serve Group customers better day to day. For our employees, this confirms that their brainpower is our best investment. 

A spirit of innovation



European bancassureur


European asset manager


in financing the French economy, serving 1 in 3 retail customers and 1 in 2 companies.


Creating, helping, developing… innovation and cooperation have been part of the Group’s gene pool since its foundation. A look at six Group projects.

Help though all life’s ups and downs

Crédit Agricole’s Regional Banks set up the ‘Points Passerelle’ network over 10 years ago. Their aim is to help and support people trying to overcome personal difficulties and to avoid social exclusion. Thanks to volunteer advisers and helpers, the scheme gives tailored support to 9,000 people every year.

Developing start-ups

With ‘Village by CA’, located in central Paris, the Crédit Agricole Group has created a shared space for creation and innovation in supporting young ground-breaking companies in their development. This innovative form of cooperation is spreading through the Group, from Lille to New York.

Facilitating internal mobility

With 140,000 employees in 54 countries, internal mobility is a big advantage in creating synergies between business lines. The Crédit Agricole Group was the first company in France to offer its staff a mobile app that enables them to manage their mobility from their smartphones.

Co-creating innovative apps

Crédit Agricole Store is the first-ever platform for co-creating and downloading banking apps. It puts app developers and creators in touch with customers seeking innovative, high-performance solutions for their banking services. This French initiative has received several international awards.

Responsibility in an everyday object

As a committed player concerned about its impact on the environment, the Group has sought an innovative approach to its bank cards. These everyday, favoured means of payment have an ecological footprint because of their plastic and metallic components. The Group has therefore launched a 100% plant-based bank card using non-GM corn starch. Moreover, Crédit Agricole Regional Banks started recycling used cards in 2013. More than 2.7 million cards have already been collected. 


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